Discover a multi-services platform that transcends legacy enterprise systems

Deloitte’s hybrid, cloud-based multi-services platform, ExaLink, helps life sciences companies transform their commercial operations processes through innovative technology, compliance knowledge, and managed services operations related to commercial contracts, increasing government regulations, and pricing pressures.

It offers enhanced data security and scalability, operational managed services, and access to business information that simply didn’t exist previously. Data functions that are cost centers can now be value drivers because of greater focus into pre-deal analysis, post-deal monitoring, pricing discrepancies, and the identification of lost revenue.

Why Managed Services?

With our managed service offerings that include deep subject matter specialists and revolutionary types of technology, you are able to focus on your core business and excel at it. Ultimately, we can help you shift from using systems merely for transaction processing to gaining unprecedented insights that can transform your business and give you a competitive edge in the fast-moving life sciences sector:

  • Managed services, not staff augmentation, for a better industry-specific and quality experience
  • Data and insights provided continuously to help improve business performance and risk intelligent decision-making
  • Flexible model that helps to reduce operational costs and day-to-day transactional processes
  • Redeploy employees to focus on areas that are more strategic to the business

Integrated Business Insights are now in the palm of your hand.

Why ExaLink multi-services platform?

  • No software hassles: incorporate new or changed compliance requirements and address their impact on pricing strategy; remain in control of business performance, methodologies, and processes while eliminating system maintenance and upgrade expenses
  • Minimal wait times: unprecedented client portal allows immediate and mobile access to integrated business insights; create day-one dashboards that enhance pricing decisions and contract negotiations; gain full visibility into workflows; quick access to analysts and industry specialists with years of experience
  • Nearly unlimited data scale: horizontal scaling platform that outperforms competitors’ vertical server stacking by integrating data within one platform for nearly unlimited scaling; backed by data security supported by more than 300 Deloitte cyber security specialists
  • Enhanced data security: data encryption in a cloud-based environment where the systems are interconnected and the communication link runs in an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) fashion, reducing the need to have giant virtual private networks (VPNs) and firewalls; advanced account management with role-based security elements.
  • Business transformation: rethink your business and operating models to deliver breakthrough value to your customers and patients; reduce operational costs and day-to-day transactional processes; redeploy employees to focus on areas that are more strategic to the business, such as pre-and post-deal contract management

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